Basics of Slot Games

The flashing lights and cheerful sounds attract our attention and lure us. We stop to insert few coins and hope for winning, watching the spinning reels and crossing our fingers. The simplicity of slot machines’ rules makes them more available for gamblers. However, it is important to know base-landed and online slot rules before playing them, as it is the players’ obligatory. Despite online slot rules being similar to real machines’ ones, there are some differences, concerning technical and etiquette issues. Let’s have a look at basement of slot machines to make sure you understand everything properly.

“Slots” Definition

Slot machines were invented by Charles Fey more than 120 years ago in the USA and gained popularity within several years. The history of slot machines is very interesting and is full of amazing facts and stories. Slot machines are known as one-handed bandits, because they had a lever, which you would have to pull to activate the reels. The lever bears a strong resemblance to a hand. Today all slots are computerized and the reels are virtual, not mechanic. This vanishes the feeling of fortuity of the game, but the graphics and sound effects impress.

How to Play?

You buy the privilege to gamble by inserting a coin or a bar coded voucher, named “ticket-in and ticket-out”, into special slot on the machine surface. There are many slots with different denomination – the maximum amount of cash that can be inserted. Then, you push the button or press a screen that works as a touch pad. The core system of slot machines – RNG or random number generator is activated to generate the combination of symbols. The result is totally random and can’t be influenced by anything. The only thing you are able to do to increase your winning potential is to choose the right type of slot machines.

Pay-lines, Pay Table and Payouts

There are some details you should know to be a confident player: pay-lines, pay-table and payout percentage.

Pay-lines are those rows that can be betted and pay out the winning, in case a certain combination hits. There can be up to 25 pay-lines in a slot machine. If it is worth playing all of them you can learn out from winning tips.

It is important to know all about the possible winning combinations of symbols. This info you can find on the pay table, which lists the terms of winning. The pay table is allocated on the surface of a slot machine or among the options of online slots.

When choosing a slot to play, it is advisable to pay attention to payout percentage. Unlike other casino games slots have very high paybacks up to 99%. The slots with the highest percentage you can find at online casinos that is explained by a variety of reasons.

We wish you good luck in your play and hope you will be among the winners in the near feature.