Interesting Historical Facts about Slot machines

Today we know online gambling the basics of which are very simple, just switch on a computer and play after having made slot machines downloads. There have appeared casinos which need slot machines downloads and don’t, so you can play direct from your browser. Maybe, you have never wondered the history of slot machines, which is quite interesting, despite its being only about 120 years old. So, we will give an overview of what the ancestors of modern video slot games are and interesting facts about them.

Liberty Bell

In that times when the phrase “slot machines downloads” would confuse Joe Bloggs, the inventor Charles Fey created the first slot, which was named Liberty Bell – by the pictures used as the first symbols. The machine had 3 reels and 3 rows. The central of which was the pay-line. As the symbols Fey used hearts, spades, horseshoes, diamonds and Liberty Bell. The winning combination was 3 Liberty Bells in the central row, and the prize was 10 nickels – not very much, isn’t it?

Nickel Slot Machines


Several years later the Sittman and Pitt Slot Company in New York produced their 5-reeled slot machine, themed as the poker game without two cards: the ten of Spades and the Jack of Hearts. The slots of this type were named as the first nickel machines, as the cost of one spin was 1 nickel. As the prize the winner could get what the establishment, where he played, offered. Commonly, the jackpots were drinks or cigars.

Bell Fruit Gum Slots

In 1910 Herbert Mills transformed the Liberty Bell and introduced the most interesting and amazing type of slots – the Bell Fruit Gum Slots. Perhaps, you have inquired about the bar symbol – it originates from this slot type. The pictures were different fruits – the flavor of gums: orange, lemon, spearmint and lemon. After the appearing of the Bell Fruit Gum Slots, many manufacturers copied the machine and started producing their own slots, adding more and more fruits, like pears, strawberries, apples, watermelon and pineapples.

Computerized Slot Machines

During few decades there were no a new slot machines mechanism, but the manufactures tried to diversify the themes. New era in development of slot machines started with the involving of new technologies. So, the first multi-line full-color video slot was introduced in the 1970’. In the 1980’ the world saw the first machines with microprocessors instead of mechanic mechanism, which activated spinning of the reels. In 1986 the most famous progressive slot “Megabucks” was installed in Nevada.

Today you have a wide range of slot machines to choose among. For slot fans there are special themed vintage machines, which you can play and dive into the charm of the previous century.