The Best Types of Slots to Play

Despite the history of slot machines being very young, today there is a great range of slots to choose from. Due to modern technologies it is easily to confuse when selecting the machine to play. It is the fact that slot games are totally random and you cannot affect the result of the RNG. However, the tips for playing slot machines claim that the choice of slot machines can influence the winning a lot. So, here you can find the review of the main video slot types and their characteristics.

Progressive Slots

If we apply to tips for playing slot machines, we will find that progressive slots are among the most playable and most advisable to play games. It is because of their jackpots being very promising and often hit. Progressive slots are linked through the Internet and have the same jackpot in common. The jackpot is increasing with every spin of any connected slot. Due to this system the jackpot can reach millions of dollars. The current sum of the prize is shown on the slot screen. The most famous progressive slot is Megabucks, which has paid out the biggest jackpots in the world.

Bonus Slots

Slots with bonuses made the revolution in the world of slot games. Playing this type of slots you have the chance not only to win money, but bonuses as well. As a bonus you can get free spins, a game within the game, extra money etc. All these bonuses make the slot machines more challenging and interesting. Among the tips for playing slot machines you can find the warning that you can lose several hundred dollars in one game, although the game session is long.

Multi-Payline Slots

Since the modern technology has widened the possibility of manufacturers, aside 3-reeled slots there appeared multi pay-line slots. It means that they have more than 1 pay-line up to 25. It is notable that only playing maximum number of pay-lines, you have the chance to win a jackpot.

Regular Multiplier Slots

This type of slots has many pay-lines and a long list of possible winnings. The more pay-lines you play the bigger prize machine will pay. For example, you bet 1 pay-line, then the possible reward is 10 dollars, while betting 2 pay-lines, you will get 20 dollars for each one.

There are a lot of other types of slot machines, such as classic, bonus multiplier, 5-reeled etc. We hope you will take into consideration the etiquette and tips for playing slot machines and choose the most suitable one for you to get fun.