Regular Multiplier Slots

Classic slots have three reels and a single pay line. They are the easiest slot machines out there and players usually have to match the right symbols in order to win. Side games tend to exist for this kind of machine, including symbols with small bonus prizes, and wild cards that look like random symbols for better chances.

When it comes to classic slots, there are higher chances of prizes getting higher, depending on bigger bet amounts, because winning capacities increase the way the lottery does.

Progressive Slots

Several slot machines exist that run like the lottery.

As every turn gets played and its big jackpot remains not won, the jackpot keeps getting higher until someone matches the three symbols correctly. This way, the big prize accumulates, making the combination more difficult to match, even though the entire program remains built on RNGs. To make the jackpot higher, it would be smart to play high money amounts because the payout is going to end up much bigger because it will depend on how much money gets played.

Once the jackpot gets won, the prize is going to rest back to the first prize and increase from there. On a lot of machines, this process happens on automated screens, even though, sometimes, it seems that a limit has to be reached prior to a winner coming out from it.

Slots with Multiple Spins

  • It is possible to spin a few times (usually up to twenty-five times by a single click).
  • On several slot machines, symbols exist that can be matched and help you spin several times with a mouse click. This would be a great way to give you higher chances of getting that jackpot. For normal casino gamers, multiple spinet versions are also fast ways to analyze the available game combinations, and can offer up helpful insights to symbol percentages. Features also exist that can jump over this motion altogether, like Auto play. However, every spin's result will show up on the actual screen, so the received bonuses will increase during the game.
  • Usually, two spin bonuses exist within the reels.
  • Gathering a particular symbol will get you five more spins that can be played right away, and even though this works like having five overall turns, it will only count as one. This means that a player's odds of getting the jackpot will also go up by five.
  • Symbol number two will help you get ten reel spins, and this will show up in the screen in the form of a single turn.