The Golden Rules of Slots Etiquette

Today due to internet technology, we have the opportunity to play slot games via the internet. Playing online has many benefits starting from slots odds and ending comfort. However, sometimes the curiosity leads us to real casinos. The basics of land-based and online slots is the same, however, you should take into account that live casinos involve contacts with other people and as the result there are some rules of slots etiquette to follow.

Sit while Playing

When you have chosen the type of slot machine you want to play, read the pay table and slots odds, you should sit on the chair. But if you don’t intend to play the slot, you should stay out of the chair. The other player may want to play the slot machine and could think it is not free. The casino attendants are watching the floor as well and can issue a reprimand.

If you need to leave the seat for a moment, you can always to ask in a friendly way a casino attendant or another player to keep your place until you come back. Sometimes the casino even closes the slot you play until you get back. Perhaps, you will win a jackpot after returning to warm seat.

Is It Free?

Before you start playing you should check if the machine is not occupied by other player. So, look if there money loaded on or player’s card is in the slot. If such situation takes place, you should call a slot attendant to cash put the money, which will be returned to its owner.

Want to Smoke?

Even when you are in a casino, where smoking is allowed, you should first ask your neighbors if they don’t mind cigarettes and place your ash tray and cigarette in a way so your smoke isn’t bother other players.


Tipping is not obligatory, it is up to you. If the service is perfect, why not to say “thank you” with several dollars? If you win and the attendant brings the reward very quickly, you should share with him. Often casino staff gives the reward, consisting of big banknotes, so to get big tips. For this case, you should have some smaller bills for tips.